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It's been a long time, but we got some really exciting news:

Saskia Sperling and NKOB created a 40 sqm wall for the group-exhibition "The City Loves You" -


Kunstverein Familie Montez, Breite Gasse 24, 60313 Frankfurt/Main.

Il-Jin Choi [Atem] / Raul Gschrey / Kemal Korkmaz / Zachary Kraemer / Ericson Krüger / Johannes Lämmer / Chistoph Von Löw / Ramo Mayer / Markus Morley / Sebastian Muth / NKOB - Saskia Sperling

Vernissage: 04.09.2009, 19:00

You can visit the group-exhibition until 3rd. October - every thursday 16:00 - 19:00 and by arrangement. Contact us for further informations.

We'll soon add more footage AND THE WHOLE STORY of this 40 sqm wall and how it finally all fit together...

Thank you all for your apperiance and your support!